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Full Packing


Full Packing

Our comprehensive “Full Packing” service ensures a hassle-free move. Our skilled team manages every detail, utilizing sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and protective materials to safeguard your belongings during transport. Enjoy a stress-free move from initial packing to unloading, with continuous support throughout.

Living Room & Dining Room

Our experts carefully pack furniture, including sofas, coffee tables, shelves, and entertainment units. Decorative items like paintings and mirrors are packed with additional protection. We use appropriate materials like protective blankets and bubble wrap for furniture, ensuring safe transportation. TV(s) and/or Monitor(s) are protected with furniture pads and cardboard before being placed in our TV box.

Bedrooms and Office

Your clothes are packed in wardrobe or linen boxes, while bedroom furniture is packed using techniques to prevent scratches. Mattresses, pillows, and bedding are protected with suitable boxes and materials. Computer equipment is packed with care.


Kitchen utensils, dishes, glasses, and pots are packed using reinforced boxes and plate dividers. Each box is labeled for easy unpacking. Small appliances like toasters are securely wrapped, ensuring their protection during transit.


Toiletries are packed in sealed containers to prevent spills. Makeup products are secured with appropriate materials. Towels are neatly packed for immediate use. Bathroom appliances, such as razors and hair dryers, are carefully packed, protecting cords and accessories. Decorative items like shower curtains are packed securely to avoid damage during the move.