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Our Policy

Our Policy

Flat Rate Quote

Your flat rate is the quote that includes all items that you have originally stated you were moving. This quote is subject to change if you have extra items, extra disassembly/assembly, extra flights of stairs, extra waiting time or anything extra that was not included in the original quote. In order to keep your quote as accurate as possible please verify these things before you request a quote. TomKat Movers also offers hourly and all-in rates per request.

Small Boxes:$3.00 each
Medium Boxes: $5.00 each
Large Boxes:$7.00 each
Assembly/Disassembly:$30.00 per 30 minutes
Flights of Stairs: $25.00 per flight per 300 cubic feet
Waiting Time: $25.00 per 20 minutes
Long Push 150 feet plus:$25.00 per 50 ft below 500 cubic
feet/ $50.00 per 50ft above 500 cubic feet
Our Policy

Tolls and Parking

Tolls: The customer pays tolls. Tolls are usually included in the flat rate. Parking Tickets: In case of a parking ticket, TomKat Movers will pay the parking ticket.

Our Policy


In the event of damaged goods, which is rare but possible, Tomkat Movers will cover up to 30% of the job’s total cost to try to replace the item if the item is above $150.00. For any damaged item worth $150.00 or below we will cover the cost 100%. We are not liable for items that were left behind. It is within the customer’s best interest to do walk throughs of the pick-up location before the truck leaves. We cannot move money or jewelry. Tomkat Movers will not forcefully move furniture through tight spaces that may damage items. In the case of a tight fit the customer reserves the right to have the piece disassembled by the crew. If it is a piece that cannot be disassembled by our crew, Tomkat Movers works with other contractors that may be able to do so. Any damages that occur to items that are packed by owner are not covered by Tomkat Movers. TomKat Movers does not take any liability for Ikea furniture that is broken during assembly or during disassembly.

Our Policy


Tomkat Movers accepts cash, bitcoin and all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as Zelle, Cash App, Paypal, and Venmo. Please note there is a 4% surcharge when using a credit card.

Our Policy


The crew always appreciates 15%-20% gratuity. However, gratuity is always based on the level of service, therefore the gratuity is based off of the customer discretion.